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Magical Hammock

The Magical Hammock” is an educational, unique children’s book about Florida. Miss Sabal Palm (Grandfather Palm ‘s granddaughter) tells the story about a group of trees (The Hammock Folk) that lived in a Hammock in an oxbow of the Kissimmee River. She tells about their everyday lives, tragedies and triumph, after the river was dredged through their home. It is about love, advocates a positive attitude and encourages the reader to discover his connection with nature.

The story, profusely illustrated in watercolors by the author, is embedded with nursery rhymes, philosophy, ecology, botany, endangered species, Indian names, environmental issues, history and local landmarks; facts about Florida presented in a childish way; a beautiful memento and gift for all ages.


Edgar Azell DeLaney, Jr., “E.A.”, is a second generation Floridian and life-long resident of Avon Park, Florida.  A decorated veteran of the Eight Air Force, E.A. is one of the less than one percent, to survive the initial quota of twenty-five missions over Nazi Germany.

He recalls his intense interest when, at the age of eight, his father introduced him to the Seminole Chief, Billy Bowlegs III.

His enthusiasm for nature and his love for orchids led him to the rainforests of  Mexico, Central and South America.

E.A. was familiar with a pristine, wild Florida, covered with an estimated seventy-five million acres of virgin cypress, pine and hardwood timber.  He remembers the saw-mills and crate mills operating day and night.  By late 1954, the vast virgin forest, except for a few remnants, was gone.

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Boom Boom Guns & Ammo

Boom Boom’s, LLC is a locally owned and owner-operated guns and ammunition store in Sebring. Owners Jeri and Steve have been Sebring residents for over twenty years and are born and raised in the USA.

At Boom Boom’s we stock:

  • Guns – Ammo – Holsters – Black Powder – Knives
  • Accessories – Targets – Tactical Gear – Survival Gear
  • Tasers – Stun Guns – Pepper Spray & much more

We buy, sell, and trade. We will gladly accept gun transfers from other dealers and can have your guns shipped anywhere in the United States – call for details. Gun Smith services available.

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